Whether it’s an engagement, wedding, or civil partnership, in the UK or abroad, we offer a bespoke service, tailored to your budget, to capture your happy day. Whatever your style or theme, from the low-key to the outlandish, we have a package that’s right for you.

Pixelwitch Pictures will make your experience memorable with naturalistic photos, capturing not only the atmosphere of celebration, but also the other moments that the happy couple don’t get to see on their big day. Discreet and friendly, Jacqui and her assistant will let the photographs tell the unique story that unfolds on your special day.

Uniquely, we offer Super-8 film footage of your best bits, giving your slideshow that stylish something extra. Super-8 is real old-fashioned 8mm cine film (rather than video) and has the warmth and feel that video can only emulate.

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